The following words shall have the following meanings in these terms and conditions:

Adult means any person aged 18 calendar years and above.

Application Form means the application form submitted by a Parent on behalf of a Child Applicant with a view to being considered to participate in the Campaign.

Parent means any person exercising parental responsibility over the Child as provided in the Childrens Act and includes a guardian.
Child means any person aged between 8 - 17 calendar years.

Child Applicant means a Child who submits the Application Form with a view to being considered to participate in the Campaign.
Lion means a panelist on the Program.

KTN means Kenya Television Network, the licensed broadcasting entity operating as such within the Republic of Kenya.
QBF means Quite Bright Films Limited.

KCB Bank means KCB Bank Kenya Limited.

Participant means a Child Applicant selected or determined eligible to participate in the Program.

Campaign means the Cubs in the Den campaign facilitated by these terms and conditions.

Program means the television show sponsored by KCB Bank, KTN and QBF and titled KCB Lions Den.

KCB Bank Kenya Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya

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