What is Lions’ Den?

This is a reality TV show format featuring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas in order to secure investment finance from a panel of established entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.


Who is running Lions’ Den?

It is being run by KCB Bank Kenya Ltd, in partnership with KTN Kenya and produced by QBF Kenya licensed by Sony Pictures Television.


How do I apply to be on the show?

Visit www.kcb2jiajiri.com/lions-den/ and submit your application online. You can also walk into any KCB Bank Kenya branch and complete a physical application which you leave in the branch.


Who is eligible to apply for Lions’ Den?

The show is open to applications from Kenyan citizens aged 18yrs and above.


What is the period of applications?

Application open on Monday April 10th and closed on Friday May 31st 2017.


Must I be a KCB customer to apply for Lions’ Den?

Yes. To apply for Lions’ Den you need to have an account with KCB. If you are not an account holder with KCB, you will be prompted to open your account online on www.kcb2jiajiri.com/lions-den/ as you complete your application or at any KCB Bank Kenya branch. It’s fast and easy.


What business categories / types are eligible for application?

You are not restricted on the type of business. You are however required to provide comprehensive information on your application to enable us efficiently vet the same.


Am I required to apply as an individual or as a business?

At the application phase, you will fill out the form as an individual. If you are selected to pitch to the Lions’ you may come with people who will help you make your presentation. Details of these people must be indicated on the application form.


Can I apply for Lions’ Den if I am employed?

Yes you can. If successful, you may however be required to attend a screen test and will thereafter be required for a 1 day recording session, which could be a weekday or weekend.


How will I know if my application has been shortlisted?

If your application is shortlisted, you will be contacted from KCB Contact Centre via 0711-087000.


If my application is rejected can I apply for subsequent seasons of Lions’ Den?

Yes. You are free to apply for subsequent seasons of the series as they are announced.


What happens if my application is not selected to be on the show?

If your application is not among the ones selected to be on the show, you are still eligible to join the online mentorship community on www.kcb2jiajiri.com/lions-den/  and get more insights on how to grow your business.


How can I be assured that my application will be safeguarded from theft from the moment I apply?

Each applicant is responsible for protection of their ideas before submitting them into the competition.


Where can I get more assistance on Lions’ Den?

For more assistance you can contact us using any of the below contact details:

Email Address bankika@kcb.co.ke

Lions’ Den Website – kcb2jiajiri.com/lions-den/  

KCB Contact Centre – 0711087000

KCB Bank Kenya Branches countrywide


When does KCB Lions’ Den air?

KCB Lions’ Den will air weekly on Tuesday on KTN from September  5th, 2017 to November 28th, 2017 at 8pm.


I missed the show, where can I watch it?

If you missed an episode of Lions’ Den, you will be able to catch full episodes online of the entire series on the KCB Group YouTube page


How do I pitch to the Lions?

You will get a chance to pitch to the Lions if your application is successful. Pitching dates will be individually communicated to you.


Can you give me a Lions’ contact details?

For privacy reasons, we will not give this information out.


I liked a pitch on the show. Can I invest?

If you’re an investor looking to invest in a company featured on Lions’ Den, please contact the entrepreneur directly to make any business deals with them.


Can I interact with Lions’ Den on Social Media?

Yes, you can! Follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #KCBLionsDen.

You can also like our social media pages for more information





Is Lions’ Den originally a British show?

The reality series originated in Japan as Money Tigers or Tigers of Money. This exciting TV format has been successfully launched in over twenty countries globally and versions of it have emerged in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, The Netherlands, Finland, in the Middle East, Canada and of course our own here in Kenya.

The series has been re-named for the local market in official affiliation with the US and UK versions of the show, Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den respectively.


My question isn’t in this FAQ, who do I contact?

For more assistance you can contact us using any of the below contact details:

Email Address bankika@kcb.co.ke

Lions’ Den Website – kcb2jiajiri.com/lions-den/

KCB Contact Centre – 0711087000

KCB Bank Kenya Branches countrywide



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