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Nile Road Secondary School - #WILN Mentorship Experience

Anne talks about self-awareness and how to embrace it.

Anne Mathenge

Gachororo Secondary School - #WILN Mentorship Experience

"You are the ones to define your destiny." - Lillian Kagweria

Lillian Kagweria

Gitwe Secondary School - #WILN Mentorship Experience

"Nothing replaces hard work."

Winnie Njau Mbugua

Olympic Secondary School - #WILN Mentorship Experience

"Always act as an inspiration to others."

Miranda Ndegwa

Faith Mokaa's #WILN Mentorship Experience

Thanking KCB for behaviour altering lessons.

Faith Mokaa

Fenny Odhiambo's #WILN Mentorship Experience

"KCB has taught us how to be ladies of substance." - Fenny Odhiambo

Fenny Odhiambo

Shadrine Luhonye's #WILN Mentorship Experience

"If we continue like this, we'll change our country into a better generation."

Shadrine Luhonye

Teacher Sarah's #WILN Mentorship Programme Experience

"Our girls have learnt how to add value to their lives. "

Teacher Sarah

Wendy Emmah's #WILN Mentorship Experience

"I've learnt how to define myself." - Wendy Emmah

Wendy Emmah

Miriam Muhonja teaches about different personalities.

"Know your personality and how it relates to you."

Miriam Muhonja

Building Right Values #WILN

Building your value system to help you in relating with others.

Elizabeth Waiyego

Charged To Greatness #WILN

"Size is not a hindrance to your success." - Wahu Githinji

Wahu Githinji

Mentor's Day at Gachororo Secondary School

'If you're willing, there will be a way." - Maureen Njeri

Maureen Njeri

Linda Adhiambo's #WILN Mentorship Experience

"Leaders know themselves."

Linda Adhiambo

Lillian Wanjiru Shares About Finding Your Passion

Find your game.

Lillian Wanjiru

Dr. Susan Koech's Talk on Building a Personal Brand

"I believe in hard work."

Dr. Susan Koech

Eddah Muthoni, Challenging Mindsets

What's your mindset?

Eddah Muthoni

Diana James' #WILN Mentorship Experience

"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up."

Diana James

Cynthia Kabira's #WILN Mentorship Experience

"I think intelligence defines what a woman is."

Cynthia Kabira

Aiming For Excellence

"Always make a bold attempt to succeed."

Wacuka Gitahi

Merging Confidence and Competence

"Your image matters."

Muthoni Njuguna

Believe In Yourself

Know your value.

Rachael Murehia

Halima Sadiq's #WILN Mentorship Experience

"Focus on being a better person."

Halima Sadiq

Istahil Hussein's #WILN Mentorship Experience

'I have learnt many things...'

Istahil Hussein


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