A Hairdresser From Mombasa

Zena Khamisi, 29, learned how to work her hands to a spectacular hairdo by being her sisters’ protégé. When the KCB 2Jijairi opportunity came calling, she joined the program and did a hairdressing and beauty course at KNCP (Kenya National Coast Polytechnic). Through the program, which lasted over six months, Zena gained more skills and competence in hair and beauty practice.


This prompted her to advance her informal business, from offering hairdressing services from her home to acquiring an office location and adding onto her service offering. Luckily enough, she had already built a small customer base, which proved priceless in the new move of setting up the business more strategically.


Zena has been under the KCB 2Jiajiri entrepreneurship incubation program since August 2016. She has received BDS services, connecting her to professional marketing, legal and accounting services in setting up her salon. This has resulted in tremendous leaps of growth running the business.


As at October 2016, her business was registered as “Malkia Mrembo Salon.” Earlier this year, Zena received an interest-free loan of Kshs. 100,000 to further grow her business and immediately embarked on purchasing new equipment for the salon. She was able to move the business from her home to an office location in Likoni.


The BDS team helped her create a business plan, which informed coming up with additional value add services beyond hairdressing. Today, the salon business offers the following as additional services; weaving, wash & blow-drying, makeup, treatment, retouch and bleaching.


The entrepreneur has enough knowledge to manage the business’ accounting details and conduct marketing initiatives. Zena also sells beauty products at the salon to supplement her hairdressing services. The business is cash flow positive, allowing her to comfortably pay back the loan on a monthly basis at the same time making a favourable profit per month. She has seen her customer base grow and remains grateful to KCB 2Jijairi for the opportunity and support granted her.


The jubilant Zena Khamis Mwamloga is on track to employ two staff members to aid her in serving her customers. She cannot be happier with the outcome.


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