A Microbiology Graduate Who Started A Tech Business

While at Moi University pursuing his degree in Microbiology, John Slatter walked into a fourth year class with his friend. He had recently joined the campus and was slowly growing weary of his degree course. He escorted his friend to go meet a fourth year student who was pursuing a computer science degree.


As he sat down, he was fascinated to see the coding details on the student’s laptop and out of curiosity, asked him to explain a bit about his course. The computer science student offered to teach him how to code. That was the humble beginning of his company - Big Brainz - which later formed DigiSkool.


The business offers a school management software system that helps schools run their daily management better.


In season one of Lions’ Den, John Slatter walked into the den with his business partner, asking for a deal of 2 Million shillings for 10% stake of his company. He was rather nervous in his presentation but managed to get a deal with Kris Senanu at 35%.


He describes his experience in the den as terrifying, owing to the barrage of questions the Lions asked that seemed to tear deep into his business. According to him, Kris has been very instrumental in the business. He understands how Digiskool works and believes in his vision.


Kris brings sobriety to the ideas presented by  the Digiskool team. With most of them seeming too ambitious or unrealistic. Kris is able to mitigate and help find the right course of action. John fondly respects his rich experience and expertise as an investor. Kris’ muscle behind the business has helped open doors John could not otherwise have.


Digiskool has since increased the number of employees in their Nairobi and Eldoret offices. John has had to learn on the job, how to be a CEO leading the team in further developing the software to offer more services to their clients.


On completing his degree, John was certain he would not look for employment; rather he would grow his business idea. He emphasizes on hard work, insisting that what really matters is persistence and focus.


John Slatter is hopeful of building Digiskool to a mega tech business and his partnership with Kris has set him firmly on that path.


Check out his Lions’ Den pitch. Visit his company website for more details – www.digiskool.co.ke


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