Creating Thriving Markets for Farmers and Grooming Skilled Staff

The hardest part of farming and harvesting produce has to be, finding a market for it. That is why KCB Foundation and Tuskys Supermarket have entered into a one-year strategic partnership to support contract farming for thousands of youths in agribusiness and offer at least 1,600 internship opportunities.


“This project is meant to support youth entrepreneurship. We believe that the youth hold the greatest sway in the pace and trajectory that the East African economy will take into the future. We also acknowledge the great contribution agriculture makes to the national GDP and we are committed to supporting the sector,” said Jane Mwangi, the KCB Foundation director.


The partnership will work to benefit 12,000 youths across 22 counties in the identified value chains in agribusiness. The young farmers will further receive asset financing and working capital to enable them meet the needs of demand and supply.


Tuskys Supermarkets has committed to buy all the produce of the venture, making this one of the most fulfilling contract farming initiatives launched by the private sector in the region. Tuskys’ internship programme launched in October 2015. Its main agenda being, to create skilled staff to cater for its 50+ outlets countrywide and as a way of curbing the unemployment situation among Kenyan youths.


“We have noted a marked improvement in terms of productivity from youths who have gone through our internship program as opposed to those who have not.” Noted Daniel Githua, the chief executive officer at Tuskys Supermarket.


To further enhance this partnership, KCB Foundation through 2jiajiri program shall provide field based competency skilling of youths in the fields of agriculture, construction, beauty & personal services, automobile and domestic services. Tuskys will consider 2Jiariri beneficiaries as a recruitment base for their interns.


The program targets the youth, who have limited opportunities, are in marginalized areas or lack resources to seek out the training and job opportunities offered by the program. This will also help the firm broaden its focus on growing communities, which remains key to its growth agenda.


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