Episode 10 – S2 Recap

In the tenth episode of Lions’ Den season two, five entrepreneurs walk into the den and only three leave with a deal. The businesses seem inventive and unique from the ordinary flocked businesses in the Kenyan commerce scene.


First into the den is Tony Sunday. He brings a little bit of sunshine into the den with his unique business called Ad Walkers. The concept involves creating advertising moving billboards trafficked by humans across busy junctions to reach an approximated target of 2,000 people a day. Darshan takes a keen interest in it though he doesn’t make a deal. However, Tony leaves the den with a deal from a different Lion.


Jamleck Maina, the second entrepreneur in the den is no newbie. He has been to the den previously in season one with a business that didn’t get a deal but went on to secure a deal outside the den as he puts it. His new business pitch involves a training program with a game feature that allows anyone to trade on the stock exchange. The inspiration behind the business stems from the fact that most people have an indifferent approach towards trading in the stock exchange terming it as a playing field for the old, rich and wealthy. Luckily, Maina leaves the den with a deal from two Lions and parts with 40% stake in his company.


Futbal Afrika, a football academy led by Dennis makes its way into the den. They pitch a vision of grooming young footballers and ‘selling’ them to play in overseas major leagues. Kris is honest enough to disclose his reluctance to make a deal citing that he is not a big sports fan. The entrepreneur walks away with no deal.


Hadhija and Hamisi of Human Garage face turbulent waters in the den. Their wellness business uses technology to enhance human body alignment and health. They are at a disadvantage in that, there seems to be a challenge for the Lions to invest in the whole business that features Human Garage or simply to invest in the proposition presented.


Lastly, William and Reina come into the den with a five million ask in exchange for a convertible note. They run a fashion and lifestyle based business – Zumi - that focuses on creating African lifestyle and fashion content and selling fashion items as well as advertising space on their platform. Their numbers are impressive but will they prove to the Lions that their business is unique enough to warrant a deal in the den? (Hint: an unlikely Lion picks this deal).


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