Facts Only…

Not knowing where to start, I’ll just dive right into it. I saw a Twitter thread sometime last week and boy! Vitu zingine huwezi lia so imebidi tu umecheka.

We all had our dreams and ambitions.


Shout out to everyone who vowed their first joboz would rack in Ksh50K. Wewe na those classmates who swore to changing schools every term one side!

Or how about those that turned down joboz coz they weren’t in line with what you studied in school? Lemme just tell you – unless you studied teaching, medicine or engineering, from what I’ve seen, unaeza uziwa insurance na a wood & metal work trainee ?


Ama those that equated internships to ‘not knowing your worth’. We hope you went on to finding yours. Seriously, that came from a good place.


We’ll give it to you straight. Here’s the bitter pill:


No one is going to pay you a net salo of 50K fresh out of school for the simple fact that you have a degree my fren. Ni kama kuexpect avocado bure juu unatembea soko na githeri.


It is a jungle out there. Think of employment as such. There will always be someone better than you willing to do more for less. Huwezi compare charges za nduthi na za Tuktuk. You are the nduthi; they are the tuktuk. Let that sink in.  Don’t ever get comfortable.


Employment is not for everyone. We have an attitude of job seeking rather than job creation. Didn’t your Facebook bios mean anything to you? Seriously though… Wale wa ‘works at self-employed and loving it’ mpo? As a side note, nani akona business model ya hii ‘self employed and loving’ – must be doing well. Also, toeni hizo vitu priss.


We all know someone who keeps whining that “it’s unfair!” this one just makes me mad. The world owes you nothing. Acheni niende hivi nacome…


What are you doing to make yourself on demand? I have seen 19 year olds start their own companies while still in school. 20 year olds on their second jobs. 21 year olds graduate and still take up courses to add on their skills. 22 year olds on their second jobs because they are figuring out what they want. I could go on and on. Wewe shinda hapo…


More importantly, I have seen thousands of out-of-school youth take up mentorship and vocational training to elevate themselves. Facts only.


You could brood over the unfairness of this world, let’s see how that egg hatches. Or you can get off your sit-upons (learnt this one from a movie) and do something that’ll protect you from being a victim of ‘circumstances’.


Here at KCB 2jiajiri we aim to equip you with all the skills you need to go ahead.


Ushawai kata nyanya na kisu haijasharpeniwa? Chances are, you’ll pick up another knife or just suffer through that nyanya. Now, replace ‘you’ with employers.


Don’t be an old kitchen knife. Keep sharpening yourself.


Anyhu, I digress sana with all I’ve said.


The point I was going to drive is this: KCB sales jobs are not what the tweet portrayed ?.


Kwa nini mnakuwanga hivi nani? ?



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