#KCBLionsDen is back with a bang!

The premier of KCB Lions’ Den Ssn3 was everything between action; on-the-edge-of-the-seat jiffies; and heated moments of Russian roulette between the Lions and the contestants – in which wit and smarts replaced bullets (we’re not even going for extra drama there)


The 45 minutes delivered a wide array of pitches; and a rainbow of different categories putting their best foot forward to woo the Lions into investing in them. When we say ‘wide array’, we really mean everything from recycling, fashion, tech, eco solutions, retail and eco trade.


Here’s a snippet of how each one went:


One Kelly Mwangi, a poetic outspoken presenter took to the Den to present his glass recycling business. He hit the Lions and the viewers with hard facts around biodegradation. Would you believe it if we told you that glass takes a whooping 700Million years to biodegrade? Kelly knows his way around recycling glass and he has a knack of how to ‘make some green by going green’! He asked for Kshs 1.5M in exchange for 20% equity. While he didn’t secure the deal because his logistics seemed to downplay the kind of challenges in that line of business, his presentation was stellar  and he touched hearts in the Den. Olive was quick to let him know, “If I was investing with my heart and not my head we’d be shaking hands by now”. He didn’t walk away empty handed though, Kris promised to supply him with bottles as well as guide him through how to better his logistics. Go Kris!


The second pitch  was of Kesouk,  pitched and positioned as the future of grocery shopping in Kenya. Led by one Mehta Samil, this pitch was backed with tons of market research and engaged top tech experts behind India’s largest online supermarket. Samil positioned the business idea as a smart and integrated web and mobile platform which is also the first B2B AND B2C platform that allowed businesses and consumers to transact transparently and independently. Kris felt that competition was imminent owing to the already existent players in retail. There was also a feeling that Samil was biting more than he could chew and punching too high. However, Captain Retail Supplier, Darshan saved the day by investing Kshs 6M for 30%; from Samil’s proposed Kshs 6M for 20%.


We love when we see students pitching in the Den! Legend and Lee played the part. While their pitch was a little rough around the edges, the duo presented a solar powered power bank that triples as a Wi-Fi hotspot and an LED light. They came with a prototype too! The Pack felt that the product was overpriced because consumers could get all three components separately for much cheaper. They also didn’t present solid figures, which is a glaring pain point for any investor. They sought Kshs 910K for 20% but while they didn’t get that, they parted with major advice that would directly address their shortcomings. The Lions expressed faith in them; and look forward to see them next season after they display some traction.


The fate of the next pitch could be simply and cleverly summed up like so: Would it be for better or for worse? Sidai Brides dazzled in their bridal ensembles in the Den. We guarantee that you will be absolutely mind blown by how much money those dashing gowns roll in! Seeking Kshs 4M for 8% equity, Wairimu had to make the tough choice of going into the deal for 25% or 10% with Kris and Joanne respectively. Her charm and smarts earned her both Lions’ investment for 20%.


This episode was also studded with past ‘stars’ of the show. Season 2’s Kipato Unbranded’s Marta has her story featured a year on after getting into a deal with Kris Senanu.


45minutes and Kshs10.5M in investment later, the first episode on KCB Lions’ Den is a must watch! In case you missed it; here you go!



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