The Launch of Innovative Container Salons

The hair and beauty industry is fast growing, offering an opportunity for youth to venture into the industry as means to create wealth. For this to happen, the youth need to be equipped with skills to tackle the business as well as receive opportunities and financial support to realize their dreams.


KCB Foundation in conjunction with KCB 2Jiajiri progamme have recently launched a revolutionary franchise container salon model that offers the graduates an opportunity to hone their skills as they prepare to establish themselves and delve into the hair and beauty business.


Three hundred and sixteen beneficiaries have benefitted since the launch of the container salon model. The Foundation has so far sponsored 882 hair and beauty beneficiaries since 2016, out of 12,000 recipients across the country and in various sectors.


Upon graduation, the beneficiaries join the KCB Foundation incubation process as they walk through the journey of establishing their businesses. KCB also offers the young entrepreneurs business development services to guide them through the business and increase their chances of success.


Four beauty graduates can join hands and operate a 40- foot container that is equipped with four workstations. The joint venture model takes into account the graduates’ minimal or lack of capital and assists them to meet the operational cost of running the salon container.


“The container can be moved from place to place depending on business performance and owner preferences without damaging the structure,” said KCB Foundation Executive Director, Jane Mwangi. The salons will be placed on high traffic areas to boost sales.


The Foundation currently collaborates with leading beauty colleges and salons in Kenya including Ashleys, Azizi and Amadiva among others. This is definitely a great move towards youth skills empowerment and job creation by KCB.



Caption: (From Right) Amadiva Founder and Director Maureen Murunga, KCB Foundation Executive Director Jane Mwangi and Azizi Hair and Beauty College Principal Carole Karingu during the launch of a ‘franchise container model’ by KCB Foundation at KCB Sports Club Ruaraka.


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