Tips On Making A Pitch To An Investor (Lions)

It is said that success is when preparation meets opportunity. When you are thoroughly prepared ahead of a pitch, your chances of success are much higher. We have seen entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to the Lions and right from the start, you can tell a good pitch from a not so well done pitch.


What is the secret to making a good pitch? Here are some things to do that may very well clinch you an investment and a Lion behind your business.


  • Keep it short, detailed and sweet. Think of it as meeting a Lion on the ground floor of a building and you only have five minutes to pitch your business idea to them from the time the elevator leaves the ground floor to the 11th Sift through your pitch and only retain information that drives the point home seamlessly while at the same time explaining your business idea.


  • Research, Research, Research. Do not wait to be caught off guard by the Lion’s questions. Take time to think through the possible questions you will be asked and always know your stuff. It helps re-watching some of the pitches on Lions’ Den and take note of the entrepreneurs who made solid presentations.


  • Reveal your personality in your pitch. Talk about yourself. You are the force behind your business. The Lions may be swayed by you as a person and invest in you as well as the business. Be composed and confident. You are pitching your own business, no one knows it better than you do and the Lions are keen to listen to you.


  • Answer the question on revenue streams. The Lions are looking for a favorable and profitable business that will help them make money. This therefore has to be elaborate in your presentation. Share the business vision clearly and highlight the return on investment and growth strategy.


  • Dress to kill. This goes without saying, dress how you would like to be addressed. You only have one shot to make a first impression so be memorable and make it count. Your first impression matters and it could very well win you favor with the Lions or not.

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