Traits of a good investor

When you land an investor, they can do no wrong, right? Wrong! We’ve all heard horror stories of how downhill an investor-entrepreneur love story can go. What most entrepreneurs are oblivious to is this: An investor can be your saving grace but they are not the blue-eyed boy!


Just like with picking a partner, you need to be super pernickety about your investor. You are bringing a whole other human into your baby’s life (by baby we mean biz – too many befitting analogies). You look out for warning signs, traits; you pick up on their vibes. In our experience, we’ll break down what makes a good investor.


They have to be a visionary. While investment is a game of risks, a good investor needs to have goals. They must express the need to work towards something. That something gives you perspective of where you are and where you need to be. A good investor will hold your hand to it. No goals, no destination – and you’re better off alone than being led by a blind man (no offense)


Knowledge is key. They need to know how to work the ropes. They say ‘when you know better, you do better!’ A good investor may not necessarily be an authority in your category, but they MUST know what they are doing and how to apply their investment so your biz is working at optimum.


Is there anything more nerve wrecking than people who constantly shy from making decisions? Probably a long queue at the ATM over lunch break! A good investor must have the guts to make a decision. It doesn’t have to be on the spot. But they must be able to sit back, analyze and make a call. A good investor knows that investment is a risk – they made that decision then and they should be able to make it now, cappiche?


A good investor looks at you like a child (wait a sec, this is a good thing). Similar to how we teach toddlers to take their first step, a good investor must be patient with you as they guide you. Patience breeds confidence. A good investor knows this.


Did we miss anything? Feel free to school us.


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