Traits of Highly Successful Startups

So you’ve worked your brains off for the longest to make your business what it is. We agreed that it would take you about 2-3yrs before you start to realize financial profits so in that interim (and beyond really) you need a more meaningful checklist. If you ask us, these carry deeper meaning before anything else:


Innovation – in a disruptive way. Innovation is creating. They say there’s nothing new under the sun but there’s definitely new ways to do things every now and then. If they think it’s too out-there be the crazy one and go for it! Five years ago, did we think Kenyans would be making money from vlogs? The crazy ones are milking it.


Interest – You will not give it your all if it’s not something you like. That is the cold hard truth. Some operational jobs render a career boring because the employees are not ‘digging’ what they do. You probably failed in subjects you didn’t like. You only joined clubs you had interest in. Whatever the human mind conceives, it will do THAT much better if it enjoys it!


Risk – Nobody ever made it playing safe. Even the goodie-two-shoes took risks at being different. Risk is a crucial part of life. You need to be aware that sometimes Lady Luck smiles at you, sometimes she doesn’t. Opportunity lies on the other side of risk. So you will never know until you try.


Stability/ persistence – A guiding strategy informs blended executions and holds your hand towards your goals. This gives you a sense of stability; and stability connotes persistence. This is a deal breaker for your networks so work that strategy.


Customer insight – You cannot appeal to an audience you know nothing about. Customer insight influences your problem solving strategies. You only attract customers who feel that you are #TeamThem. They will eventually speak for you and recommend you.


Customer Care – Do you go out of your way to better customer experience with your biz? Is that a thing of top priority to you? Referencing the above mentioned customer-satisfaction-return-referral cycle, customer care is crucial.


Team Structure – All your team members need to be all hands on deck with the same motivation and goal in mind to keep the cogwheel rolling. Take care of your employees, suppliers, investor, etc.


Mentorship – Because growth is continuous and learning waters it.


Flexibility – while you have your structures in place, are you able to adapt them to the dynamics that affect your business? For example, everyone’s looking to live the fit life, but you own a fast food restaurant, will you be rigid and say “they are not my target audience anyways.” – or will you make menu adjustments that accommodate this new lifestyle?


Here’s to running successful startups!




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