Uncle Tom tells me of a show that airs soon

Uncle Tom happens to be my role model. He’s what you’d call young and rich. I’m always impressed to chat with him and listen to his wisdom together with my small sis Ann. She’s what you’d call young and restless, a hot blooded teenager in high school.


My name is Morgan I’m in my early twenties and mostly looking out for opportunities to grow my career (still figuring it out) and make money (like we all want to, right?). I’ll mostly tell you of my journey, what I keep learning especially from Uncle Tom, and new ventures I get myself into now and then.


Juzi I went to visit my Uncle at his digz in Karen. He loves spending the early part of Saturday reading and later watching a series before heading out to the golf course in the afternoon. He was expecting me for breakfast that day. We normally have our small mentorship session over breakfast. (Told you I admire him, right?)


I got there and was super excited to see him. He’s always keen on having a full healthy breakfast, that’s Uncle Tom for you. I sat down and served mine.


Moments later he asked me a question….


‘Have you heard of the business reality show that’s airing soon on KTN?’


‘Uhm,’ I started thinking what show he was talking about...’No, I haven’t. Which show is it?’


“I keep saying you have to be informed Morgan,” he teased. “Before I tell you about the show, you need to save the date in your calendar. It airs soon. You watch KTN right?”


‘Yeah, sometimes.”


“September 4th is the date. At 8:00pm, you can come watch the show here by the way.” Uncle Tom always loves hanging out with us as often as he can.


‘Oh, cool. I’ll check it out.’


‘Here you go…’ he handed me the daily newspaper. On it was a full page ad of the show – KCB Lions’ Den season 3 on KTN starting Sept 4th. I took a long careful look at the paper, noting five business moguls.


“Uncle Tom, do you know some of these business people?’ I asked, turning to look at him.


“Maybe..’ he answered with a cheeky smile on his face. That was his way of saying yes. He loves to play mind games, this Uncle. ‘Watch the show and tell me which Lion you like the most, we can always meet him or her.’ 


I took that as a promise. You can only imagine how excited I was. Been counting days down to the show. Maybe you too should do the same.


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