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I don’t know about you guys but we are really digging Joanne in season three of KCB Lions’ Den. She’s feisty, smart and ready to shake things up a bit in this season. She means business and the other more experienced Lions can feel her presence.


Ever been at a wedding and you can see all the contracted photographers taking pictures, . and you wonder how you can get access to the pictures?. When you ask the photographer, he says something like, ‘you can follow me on Facebook, and access the pictures.” Only that they never upload pictures of you or at least any that you like? A gentleman called Eliud pitches an idea that solves this problem, easy-peasy. The idea is so good that he walks out with a deal for 1 million bob, double what he came for.


You have to admire how much entrepreneurs have stepped up their game this season. We are in for brilliant ideas and uncommon ones too. Speaking of which, can you imagine what a fish sausage tastes like? Unfortunately they didn’t get a deal, all because they were missing one very crucial thing – a KEBS certification. Goes to tell you how important it is to have all the necessary business documents needed before stepping into the den. At least have the main necessary ones.


You probably know by now that this season we are switching things up a little bit. Youngsters as we fondly refer to them as cubs will be pitching their business ideas in the hopes of getting funding. Tamara, a self-confident 10 year old was the first to grace the den. She bakes. I couldn’t believe it, especially when I reminisced on what I was doing at 10. So yes, she bakes and pitched her business, winning over two lions who put up the 50k needed as grant for her business.


Somehow, there will always be that entrepreneur in the den who will ask for big cash, valuing the business at an all-time high. Two entrepreneurs seeking 50 million funding were only willing to trade for 3%. They run a data collections and payment software business called Data Integrated. I was keen to see if Darshan would jump in on this one. Remember a similar tech business he made a deal with called Bamba for 25 million? You can check it out here.


Unfortunately, the valuation offered less incentive as well as the business share trade. All the lions passed this deal.


Vintara Collections run by Ian Martin scooped a deal of 3 million for 25% from Darshan. Ian came across as a visionary young business man, who knew his numbers and all. I could tell he would make a deal with one of the lions long before he was done pitching. And my instinct was right. Kris was happy to say it, ‘Ian is the kind of business people we are looking for. They are the future.’


You can watch the full episode here and learn more on how to be business savvy.


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