Seed Capital

Take the opportunity and develop your business from concept to reality.

The purpose of this tool is to help the ambitious entrepreneurs transition from ‘just fine’ to ‘fabulous’.


At KCB, we are aware of the financial constraints that budding entrepreneurs face in their early days of setting up shop and thus created two products – 2Jiajiri Loans and Bankika Loans. These products serve as seed capital for entrepreneurs with business start-ups.


This is how you and your business get to flourish.


Loan features for 2Jiajiri Loan
  • Must submit a business plan
  • 0% interest rate
  • 5% one-off commission
  • Must have undergone TVET training in the 5 pillars


Loan features for Bankika Loan
  • Must submit a business plan
  • Interest rate 14%
  • A one off loan negotiation fee charged upfront at 3% of the loan amount.



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